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Diet of a Diabetic

It’s always been so difficult for me to know about the perfect diet of a diabetic patient in a single website. As they write all those unnecessary things with the important ones and sometimes even digress from the topic, which makes almost every one of us to feel annoying at sometimes.

That’s why today I’m gonna share a diet plan for a diabetic patient, feel free to share it.

Food you should eat: (The best ones)

  • Green vegetables are the best for keepin’ a good balance in diabetes.
  • Add Cottage Cheese in your daily diet: you probably can enjoy it in your Salads; (for the Cheese Dressing Salad scroll a bit down). 
  • Barley could be the key in warding off diabetes. You should consume it once in a week. (scroll down for the Barley Bread/Roti recipe)
  • Olive Oil is also the best thing for diabetics. You can easily consume it while using in your daily meal (1-2 tbsp) or use it as your salad dressing.
  • Brocolli is a nice green vegetable, you’ll deffinitely enjoy eatin’ it.
  • You should try including a small piece of baked/ grilled Fish OR Tuna, if not daily then at least once in a week.
  • Husk: This fiber supplement has been proven to help people with diabetes, control blood sugar better.
  • Spinach is one of many leafy greens that have been shown to drop the risk of
    developing diabetes.
  • Cinnamon: Several studies have shown that this delicious spice can help reduce blood sugar.
  • Turmeric is proven to be the best nutralizer. Adding it to the daily meal (while cooking) can help nutralize the bad effects of the food.
  • Grape fruit is also a good food for diabetes.
  • Bitter guard is known as the key ingredient in reducing the high sugar level to moderate.
  • Yogurt is also a good choice.
  • use Skimmed Milk instead of using full-fat milk.
  • Raw porridge Oats also helps in reducing blood sugar.
  • Roasted Grams are best while you feel hungry at odd times.


Food you should not eat: ( The worst ones)

  • Coffee Drinks:
    Many coffee shops loads the mug of your coffee with a lot of unnecessary carbs, which is completely worst choice for a diabetic. Whereas the regular mug of black coffee is a good thing in controlling blood sugar.
  • Battered Fish Dinners:
    Avoid Fried Breaded Fish with high carb sauces or Fries. Whereas Simple baked fish is the best choice for diabetics.
  • Fruit Juice Beverages:
    Avoid them because they contain a high content of calories and sugar.
  • French Fries:
    Most of the fried items should be avoided. As they contain Fats, and probably are high in calories.
  • Purchased Cookies:
    Home-made cookies are a good choice but, Purchased cookies are always loaded with Butter, high-fructose corn syrup, shortening, margarine, and partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils. Which is probably the worst choice for a diabetic.
  • Fried Chicken:
    Fried chicken is a pack of fats and calories, that’s why it is better to stay away from it as an alternative you can try a less fatty choice which is Baked/Grilled chicken. 
  • Canned fruits:
    are worst for diabetics because it contains excessive amount of sugars.
  • Frizzy Drinks 
  • And obviously Bacon and Alchohol drinks.

A healthy Salad for Diabetics (recipe):


  1. Cucumber
  2. Brocolli
  3. Capsicum
  4. Salad leaves
  5. Red kidney beans
  6. Chick peas
  7. Arugula (Jarjeel)
  8. Cottage Cheese
  9. Olive Oil
  10. Lemons
  11. Olives
  12. Tuna (optional)
  13. Black pepper & Salt
  14. Jalapeno Sauce (optional)
  15. Mustard Sauce (optional)

Chop all the vegetables and mix them in a bowl of dressing made with Olive oil, Cheese, Salt & pepper and Lemon. Add Kidney Beans and Chick Peas along. Mix them in a large bowl nicely and your salad is ready to be served. ❤

Recipe of barley Roti:

If we look a few hundred years back, we would know that people of that times always used barley flour instead of white flour (we use nowadays). But I think it’s impssible now to live those disease free days by taking us back to those time, living their lifestyle is way too difficult now. But there’s a nice step we can take to reduce the risks of the dangerous diseases that have become quite normal these days.
What we can do is, just plan a tradition, light but nutritious diet once or twice in a week. That could probably help us in a better way!

When I heared about that old time’s Barley Roti. And I searched that on google and found a very dry and thick kind of Roti. Which was so undelicious by look. And was difficult to handle while cooking.

But I have got a very nice and easy recipe of mine.. You’d love to try!
To check the recipe Click Here!

Food intake ways:

  • Make a good routine of taking you meals on time. By time I don’t mean to say there should be specific timing, but the right timing.
  • A diabetic should take meals in small portions which helps in better digestion.
  • Dinner should be eaten before 8 o’clock.
  • Must walk for at least 5 minutes after your dinner.
  • Never skip Breakfast!

So this is the short compilation of a Diabetic’s Diet. Hope this would help you in the best way!!
Have a nice day ❤