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Review: Kylie Matte Lip gloss

Hi, everybody! after a long time… hope you all are doin’ well.
My reason for being away was; actually, days are passing so quickly as I’m helping my sister in her exams preparation, and being a bit studious I’m more worried about her exams and good results so…

I’ll be writing a review about my matte lip glossesĀ that’s been liked by so many friends of mine… and they’ve always been asking for the brand, price, and other info… So girls here you go! šŸ™‚

Maybe I like them because I love dark colors (not that much dark but…) and I really love Matte lipsticks and glosses (:p haha! you people cannot understand the struggleĀ I’ll be going through while writing this post). Because I don’t really like to talk about makeup OR dresses. In short, those typical Girls’ talks.. šŸ˜€ Sorry! Ok!

From where did I buy them?

A few months ago we had a festival in our school where so many stalls were arranged, but I saw a fairytale kind of sparkling and winking stall in the corner, that attracted me. And literally,Ā I couldn’t resist buying a few nail paints and these lip glosses.




They actually look so beautiful and gives a fine finishing because as we apply the coat, it instantly dries out and doesn’t giveĀ that unfinishedĀ or messy look. Neither these glosses need any touch-up, time to time OR after eating or drinking something at parties.

How much do they cost?

They are so cheap and costs not at all much, that after buying you can never feel that you wasted your money on something useless.
They are worth 45 SAR which makes 1200 PKR.
A great thing to spend money on! šŸ™‚