Manuscript found in Accra.

What lead me to look inside books?

Basically, I was not a book reader. The reason for why I like to read several categories of books (now) is; Since childhood everybody’s been studying, for whatever course maybe of their schools/ colleges Is. The same thing was with me. But, at every time of your age/ your LIFE, Mothers are the real motivators to do this/that typpa things, So is my mother.

When i was a stubborn Child she always told me to take studies as a fun option. Her formula is to utilize the spare time of a day by STUDYing. If you’re getting bored it’s not necessary to move from this room to that room lazily. Instead, bring any book from the school bag and give it a read. Her motive was to “keep me in touch” with my studies. But, she didn’t know that it would gradually become my hobby. Like if you’re getting bored take a book and start reading!  😉

Manuscript found in Accra
by Paulo Coelho:

This book is real awesome, it’s my second good read. And it’s worth reading to maintain the good and Positive in YOU!

My most Favourite Quote:


Glimpses from inside the book:

For why everyone should have THIS BOOK?

The Philosophy teaches us to know the good in ourselves. It will emit the negative thoughts and would take us to the journey of seeing the best in us ♥


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