Beautiful & Flawless <3 YOU!


Sitting with your loving elders is truly a real love xx.

So, it’s about last night. Just gossiping the girly talks with my aunt. She’s here to spend ramadhan with us
Trying to sleep and you can’t, She just by the way started with Islamic debates to Ramadan’s, but as you know that girls always end up to their final topic. Oh yes you got my thought. That’s the GIRL’S TALK 😀 .

Then Aani (aunt) told me bout how she being a young girl used to take care for her flawless and beautiful skin & hair.

She told me some home remedies and skincare home treatments as well!

But, the thing which I liked the most is all about:
1. The daily routine:
             She told me that whenever you start thinking of  some daily/ weekly treatment, make sure to keep the time and also the day in your mind.
The treatment is same as like a natural drug for us, it would be best if we tryna take it on time. Whether it’s for skin care or for hair care.
If you have made your mind for a daily facial mask and start applying it in the afternoon or whatever time you feel easy.
         For instant and excellent effects of your product, You need to apply it daily at the same time that you started the first day. It will excite your skin and you will soon be seeing the effects in a very short period of time (before and after effects).


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