I’ve seen many people nowadays, posting stuffs like; “When boredom strikes”, “Bored as hell” & etc.

I just wonder why is everybody telling the social platform ’bout what they feel. I mean social media can’t do anything super entertaining for them, except showing some tweets, posts, snaps…

So, today I wanna share with all of you some happily cool suggestions to spend the time at things, while Boredom Strikes 😉 . These are some of my ways to get rid of weary moments, when you feel that snappish attitude in yourselves.

  • Arrange a tea party : this option is at the top of the list, for me. As, I’m a family pet typpa girl. I prefer spending time with my family. ho! that doesn’t mean I keep away from my friend zone, but yeah! it depends upon where I’m right then; with the family or friends. You need to entertain the ones you are surrounded with right now. And this get together is the moment to get closer to your parents, siblings and others.

  •  Make funny videos: you can involve your younger siblings in this superb game. Through which everybody can get entertained without any ticket.
  • Try something funny: play games which as fun to play. Like: “Passing the parcel” & “Guess the movie’s name”.

    {Stay in touch to see more of my Diligent Life.}


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